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We gratefully acknowledge support from the William Penn Foundation, the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, the Dolfinger McMahon Foundation, and the PA Humanities Council, with input and assistance from Margery Sly, Director of the SCRC, Temple University Libraries, Libby Smigel, Executive Director National Dance Heritage Coalition, Brittany Austin and Nicole Topich, DHC Fellows, and Barbara Tait, Emma MacDonald and Julee Mahon as Archive Associates, Jeff Cain as Project Consultant, LDHP web concept development was assisted by Night Kitchen Interactive with special thanks to Stacey Mann. Ongoing web design and content management by Zornitsa Stoyanova.


Indegogo supporters:
Jacelyn Biondo, 
Linda Blackaby, 
Joan Meyers Brown,
Jeff Cain,
Mady Cantor,
Jac Carley,
Melissa Chisena,
Jano Cohen, 
Penny Contractor,
Christina Gesauldi,
Gerry Givnish, 
Susan Gogan,
Robert Goldman,
Linda Caruso Havilland,
Myron Hankin,
Curt Haworth,
Carmella Vassor-Johnson,
Ishmael Houston-Jones,
Nanette Joyce,
Germaine Ingram,
Debby Kajiyama,
Lisa Kraus,
Majorie Levitt,
Michael Biello & Dan Martin, 
Candace Mate,
Suzy & Larry Merighi, Thomas Moore,
Anne-Marie Mulgrew,
Ameline Pappas,
Alexis Pappas,
Helen Pettengill,
Carolyn Healy & John Phillips, 
Alana Phinney,
Jumatatu Poe, 
Keith Ragone,
Sophie Ragone,
John Scott, 
Miriam Seidel, 
James Shelly
, Amy Smith,
Merian Soto,
Jonathan Stein,
Leah Stein,
Jane Stojak,
Michele Tantoco,
Kathryn TeBordo, 
Elizabeth Templeton, 
Alie Vidich,
Karol Wasylyshyn,
Theresa Westwood,
Judy Williams,
 Karen Mauch & Diane Zilka, and 10 anonymous….

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