Philadelphia Dance Projects season archive

PDP & Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival


April 27 – 29:
Karen Bamonte Dance Works – Performances

May 11 – 13:
Roko Kawai – Performances

May 20 & 21:
Ronald K. Brown – Two-Day Workshop: Societal Conditioning/Text & Movement

June 1 – 3:
Philadanco – 25th Anniversary Spring Concert


September 23 & 24:
Mal Pelo – Performances & Workshops

October 13 – 15:
Steve Krieckhaus – Performances

November 11 & 12:
Movement Research – Performances & Workshops
with: James Adelesic, Niles Ford, Yvonne Meier, & Sanghi Wagner

November 18 & 19:
Karen Bamonte Dance Works – Performances

December 9 & 10:
Eiko & Koma – Performances & Workshops


January 24 & 25:
Black Dance America II Showcases featuring: Urban Bush Women, Niles Ford, Rennie Harris, & Hot Mouth

February 14 – 19:
Dana Reitz & Jennifer Tipton – Workshop in Light Design & Dance

February 23 – 25:
Hellmut Gottschild – Performances

March 2 – 4:
Leanore Ickstadt – Performances

Philadelphia Dance Projects


May 18 & 19: Workshops
Grisha Coleman – Vocal Movement
Jess Curtis & Stephanie Maher – Choreography & Body-based Images in Performance


March 27
Meet The Artist: Deborah Hay
March 28-29 “Performing Statelessness” workshop with Deborah Hay

April 26-27
Workshop with Ronald K. Brown

Leah Stein workshops for youth at Bartram Gardens
(in collaboration w/Arranged Introductions)

May 2
Jo Andres and “Black Kites”
(in collaboration w/Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema)

May 8-10
Commissioning Project:
Rennie Harris & Grisha Coleman
Pure Movement & Hot Mouth
Premiere  “Every Good Boy Does Fine”
Painted Bride Art Center, May 8-10
Aaron Davis Hall, NYC May 29-June 1

September 16
“Body Weather” Workshop with Min Tanaka


January 17 & 18, February 14 & 15, April 18 & 19, May 2 & 3:
Workshops: Trisha Brown Company – The Inquisitive Body
with: Mariah Mahoney, Gena Rho, & Vicky Shick

January 26-31:
MRX – Artist Workshops
Paule Turner – “Developing Characters”
Yasuko Yokushi – “When was the last time you enjoyed dancing by yourself?”
Melanie Kloetzel – “From the Ground Up”
David Figueroa – “Seeking a Verbal-physical Language”
All Artists Performance– “DIVE IN

April 19:
José Limon – A Life Beyond Words
with: Ann Vachon, Deborah Jowitt, & Norton Owen

October 12 – 23:
Hernando Cortez & Company – Creative Residency

October 17:
Ananya – Everybody Dances Workshops


February 18 – 21:
Philadelphia Contact Improvisation Festival
with: Chris Aiken, Andrew Hardwood, & Nancy Stark Smith

February 27:
Marlies Yearby’s Movin’ Spirits Dance Theater – Everybody Dances Workshops

March 6 & 7:
Cathy Weis – Creative Residency
with: Jennifer Monson & Ishmael Houston Jones

March 13:
Group Motion – Everybody Dances Workshop

April 25 & 27:
Keith Thompson – Dance Lab Workshop

May 1 & 2:
Norma Miller – Meet the Artist & Dance Lab Workshop
with: Ernie Smith

June 16 – July 9:
Dance Photography Exhibit – Philadelphia Dance by Philadelphia Photographers at the 2000 FEET: A Celebration of World Dance
with: Deborah Boardman, Michael Branscom, Bob Emmott, Jon Stark, & Ron Tarver
(in collaboration w/PDA & UArts School of Dance)


February 28, March 1 – 9:
Carol Brown – Open Classes

March 28:
Dan Froot & David Dorfman – Recipes for Collaboration Workshop

March 11:
Representations of the Dancing Body in Technology: A Symposium
with: Michael Cole, Molly Davies, Manfred Fischbeck’s Group Motion, Patricia Graham, Merilyn Jackson, Luke Kahlich, Kathy Rose, Cathy Weis, Todd Winkler, Elizabeth Zimmer

March 23:
Mary Edsall – Spine-Walking: Archiving the Dance

May 20:
Bebe Miller – Dance Workshop

September 23 & 24: Post Judson Journey
Yvonne Rainer – “The Return of the Repressed: Crypto-Kinetic-Text-Into-Movement” Meet The Artist & Workshop

October 14 & 15: Post Judson Journey
Lisa Kraus – Workshop “Full Out”

November 4 & 5: Post Judson Journey
Tere O’Connor – Meet The Artist & Workshop
“Physical Stream of Consciousness”

December 2 & 3: Post Judson Journey
Douglas Dunn – Meet The Artist & Workshop “Dancing & Seeing”


February 3 & 4: Post Judson Journey
John Jasperse – Meet The Artist & Workshop “Physical Situations”

February 16 – 18:
Philadelphia Contact Improvisation Festival
with: Ray Chung, Karen Nelson, & Nancy Stark Smith

March 10 & 11: Post Judson Journey
Vicky Shick – “Dance Class”

May 5 & 6: Post Judson Journey
Irene Dowd – Workshop “Spirals: A Warm-up Choreography for Dancers”


February 15 – 17:
Philadelphia Contact Improvisation Festival
with: Ray Chung, K.J. Holmes, Martin Keogh, Eric Schoefer, Leah Stein, & Manfred Fischbeck’s Group Motion

April 20:
Jane Comfort & JoAnna Mendl Shaw – The Gender Project/Ariel Weiss


February 15 & 16:
Philadelphia Contact Improvisation Festival
with: Chris Aiken, Eric Schoefer, Leah Stein, & Yvonne Meier

February 24 – April 4:
Sean Feldman – Dance Advance: Contemporary Dance Classes

March 15:
Tere O’ Connor – Dance Class

June 13 – 15:
PDP & Film at the Prince present: MOTION PICTURES
featuring: Group Motion, Megan Bridge, Peter Price, Ron Wood/a.k.a. Zen One
guest artist: Pooh Kaye of Eccentric Motions


April 19 – June 4:
Lisa Kraus – Technique/Repertory Series: “Glacial Decoy”

June 5-6/11-13
PDP & Film at the Prince present: MOTION PICTURES
Featuring “Carmen Amaya: Queen of the Gypsies,” “Damen un Herren ab 65”, “Enter Achilles”
And shorts.


January 28:
US/Japan Choreographers Exchange (in partnership with DTW, Japan Society and the Boyer College of Music & Dance at Temple University)
with: Tania Isaac, Ori Flomin, Sarah Sweet Rabidoux, Shigemi Kitamura, & Yukiko Amano

May 31 – June 12:
Motion Pictures at the nEW Festival
Featuring Highlights from Dance On Camera Festival’05  &  Shorts by Carmella Vassor Johnson,
Isaac Julien, Nadine Patetrson and Stephan Koplowitz.

December 10:
Contact Improv Day with: Chris Aiken, Kirstie Simson, & Angie Hauser


March 14 & 15:
SCUBA performance and class with Paige Barnes & Leah Stein

March 19:
Headlong Dance Theater – “Under the Influence” SCUBA salon

May 13:
Carmen DeLavallade – Philadanco Open Rehearsal moderated by: Joan Huckstep

June 16, 17, 20, 23, & 24:
Featuring  premiere of  “Tracing Lineage” Lisa Kraus & Carmella Vassor Johnson, “Carmen and Geoffrey”
“Falling Down Stairs”  Shorts  w/featured artists, Nichole Canuso, Leah Stein, Nadine Patterson, Tamara Xavier,Benoit Dervaux and Heddy Maalem among others.
“Dance experiences in Sri Lanka and Vietnam” with dancer/videographers Ellen Fisher and Stephan Koplowitz  screening and conversation moderated by Toni Shapiro Phim

November 11:
Performance: Asimina Chremos/Nicole Bindler & Amnesiac Music & Dance

November 12:
Workshop: Asimina Chremos – “Dance Dualities: When’s Presence/Absence, What’s Visible/Invisible”


February 8 & 9, 15 & 16:
Mandla Bebeza & Megan Bridge – Guest Artist Classes/Creative Residency

March 16 & 17:
SCUBA featuring: Ben Levy/LEVYdance, Tania Isaac/Tania Isaac Dance, & Matthew Janczewski/Arena Dances

April 28:
Carmella Vassor Johnson – A Dance & Camera Workshop

June 7 & 8, 14 & 15:
Motion Pictures 2007


January 16-19:
LEVYdance – Informance and Workshop

February 9 & 10:
Miguel Gutierrez – Informance and Workshop

February 23:
Ellen Fisher – Informance and Movement & Voice Workshop: The Power of Transformation

March 8 & 9:
Kathleen Hermesdorf w/ musician Albert Mathias – Performance and Workshop

March 28 & 29:
SCUBA with Jose Navarrete, Karen Sherman, & Kate Watson Wallace – Performance: An Evening of Solos and Duets

June 18 – 20:
Motion Pictures 2008


January 31 – February 28:
PDP Presents - contemporary dance/cross-country/cross-cultural
featuring: Headlong Dance Theater, Zane Booker, Keely Garfield Dance, ARENA Dances, and SCUBA with Dance TheatreX, Ink Boat, & SaltHorse


February 26 – March 20:
[ PDP Presents - re]generation contemporary dance/past meets future
Local Dance History Project and Next Up
featuring: Dan Martin, Michael Biello, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Otto Ramstad, Jano Cohen, Terry Fox, Chris Yon, Lisa Kraus, Eva Karczag, Vicky Shick, Meg Foley, Gabrielle Revlock, Michele Tantoco, and SCUBA with The BodyCartography Project, Jacinta Vlach/Liberation Dance Theatre, & Megan Mazarick


March 12:
Christopher Williams – Informance: performance/video/artist/audience conversation and workshop

March 18:
SCUBA/National Touring Network for Dance
featuring: IdiosynCrazy Productions/Amelia Reeber/Little Seismic Dance

March 26:
Ishmael Houston-Jones – Workshop: Dancing Text/Texting Dance

April 10:
DanceTAG with Curt Haworth - So you’re an artist and now you have to teach.

September 15:
Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion - guest artist class. 

October 5-6:
Motion Pictures - 10th Annual Dance on Film & Video - currated by Gretjen Clausing and Terry Fox.

October 16:
DanceTAG with Martie Barylick - Serious Fun: Creative Dance for Teens workshop.

November 13:
DanceTAG with Barbara Bickart - experimenting with movement, perspective and video workshop.

November 18-19:
PDP presents - Gabrielle Revlock and Lionel Popkin on a shared program. 

December 4:
Dance TAG with Melisa Putz and Kathrine Paulson - Real Job / Real Passion workshop.


February 5-10:
LEVYdance Guest Artist Residency at Temple University, Performance of ROMP 2/10/12

February 17-19:  
Workshop with Faye Driscoll
February 18 Informance: performance/video/artist/audience conversation w/Faye Driscoll

March 8-11:  
10th Anniversary Leah Stein Dance Co.

March 16 & 17:
SCUBA/National Touring Network for Dance
featuring: Holly Johnston’s Ledges & Bones/San Francisco and Gabrielle Revlock/Philadelphia

April 22:
DanceTAG with Nia Eubanks-Dixon, Magira Ross and Bess Witcosky – Tough Teaching

May 5 & 6:  
DanceTAG with Mary La Bianca - Dance & Literacy and Adventures in Bartenieff’s Principles

October 21:  
DanceTAG with Lee Clark - Music for Dance: Going Beyond The Obvious

November 18:
DanceTAG with Kathleen Glynn and Jennifer Turnbull – Teaching In and Out of Schools

December 2:  
DanceTAG with Judith Nelson o dance for Young Children


January 25 & 26:  
Christopher Williams’ & Gregory Spears’ “Wolf-In-Skins”

March 7:
DanceTAG with Teresa VanDenend Sorge – Creating Performances That Work

March 22 & 23:
SCUBA/National Touring Network for Dance
featuring: Green Chair Dance Co./Philadelphia and The Real Shannon Stewart/Seattle

April 4 & 5:  
11th Annual Dance on Film & Video - curated by Gretjen Clausing and Terry Fox. April 7 DanceTAG with Martha Eddy – Conflict Resolution Through Dance

May 5:
DanceTAG with Karen Clemente – Rhythm Tools

October 20:
DanceTAG with Clyde Evans, Jr.

November 13:
DanceTAG with Joy Friedlander and Katherine Paulson

December 5:
Informance with Susan Rethorst

December 8:
DanceTAG with Rachel Wurman

January 16 - 19:
Susan Rethorst/Group Motion

February 23:
DanceTAG with the National Dance Institute

February 27 - March 1:
Nora Gibson & John Scott

March 14 & 15:
SCUBA/National Touring Network for Dance Nicole Canuso/Philadelphia Super Group/Minneapolis Elia Mrak/Seattle Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater/San Francisco

March 16:
DanceTAG with Joie Waxler and Mady Cantor

April 3 - 5:

April 27:
DanceTAG with Randy Barron

Fall 2014
Bilateral Exchange Artists In Phila. Adrienn Hod & Judit Szamos

October 5 Kaye Fernandez & Loren GreonenDaal
October 26 “Critical Thinking” with A.T. Moffet
November 23 “Laban Effort Shape” Rhonda Moore


March 29 “Social Forms” Bob Butryn
April 12 “NYC’s Blueprint for Teachhing” Catherine Gallant
May 3 “Integrating Dance and Acting” Della Cowall

Spring 2015
Dance A.I.R. at GHS Karen Pendergrass
July 18 DANCE UP CLOSE/Informance niv Acosta

Fall 2015
Bilateral Exchange Artists In Budapest Nichole Canuso & Gabrielle Revlock

October 25 “Social Awareness” Evan Hoffman
November 15 “Project Based Learning” E. Brown
December 6 “Silent Stories” Tasha Milkman & M.R. Stine


Winter/spring  PDP Dance Artist Residency at GHS with Lela Aisha Jones and Melanie Cotton

DanceTAG with Cherie Hill

DanceTAG with Judy Freed
DanceTAG with Monica Frichtel

Local Dance History Project prototype walking tour with Katherine Keifer Stark 

BILATERAL: Budapest/Philadelphia Dance Artists Exchange in Phila. Imre Vass and Anna Biczok

DanceTAG with Bethany Formica

Trio A Workshop w/ Pat Catterson, “Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer” a film by Jack Walsh “What’s So Funny? Laughter and Anger in the Time of the Assassins” a lecture by Yvonne Rainer 

DanceTAG with Melissa Chisena and Jon Cannon

DanceTAG with Mady Cantor


Winter/spring  PDP Dance Artist Residency at GHS with Dinita Clark

BILATERAL: Budapest/Philadelphia Artists Exchange in Budapest w/Megan Mazarick and Jungwoong Kim
DanceTAG with Erin Crawley Woods
Creative residency with Christopher Williams and International Puppet Kitchen

PDP Presents  Christopher Williams & Gregory Spears “Wolf-in-Skins”

DanceTAG with Dawn Pratson


Winter/spring  PDP Dance Artist Residency at GHS with Dinita Clark
DanceTAG with Marion Ramirez
DanceTAG with Elizabeth Johnson/Liz Lerman’s Toolbox

DanceTAG with Bethany Formica

Local Dance History Project 4 interviews about Joan Kerr and Faye Snow

June – December
Old City Arts History Project Research Phase

PDP Presents “Danube/Schuylkill” with Nicole Canuso, Kata Juhasz, Patrik Keleman. Jungwoong Kim, Tori Lawrence, Megan Mazarick, Guillermo Ortega, Gabrielle Revlock
DanceTAG with Belle Alvarez

DanceTAG with Monica Cameron Frichtel and Teresa VanDenend Sorge

DanceTAG with Megan Flynn


Winter/spring  PDP Dance Artist Residency at GHS with Daniel Gwirtzman and Tanaga Payne

Old City Arts History Project Symposium

DanceTAG with Marck Best
DanceTAG with Christine Colosimo

DanceTAG with Adina Rosenberg