2012 Dance Up Close

Thanks to all for another witty, wildly different, cool, dexterous, passionate PDP Presents!!

Thanks* to all the Artists, Audience, Donors and all those behind the scenes who made it happen!

Revlock & Popkin: “a witty double bill”  (Philadelphia Inquirer, Merilyn Jackson)

Motion Pictures/Shorts Fest: “a group of wildly different dance films…an at-home youtube.com viewing cannot compare to the remarkable journey strung together by the curators.”  (thINKing Dance, Christina Gesuadi)

LEVYdance: “If you missed this one night performance then you missed a very cool show.” (Bill Hebert’s Behind the Lens)

SCUBA/Holly Johnston’s Ledges & Bones Dance Project: “…non-stop athletic and dexterous dancing.“  (ThINKing Dance, Beau Hancock)

Leah Stein Dance Company‘s 10th Anniversary:
Stein’s work is extremely tactile, with an ever-present passion for exploration.”  (City Paper, Deni Kasrel)


*Also great DanceTAGs (Teaching Artist Groups) this year thanks to Mady Cantor, PDP DanceTAG Coordinator. And thanks to our Artist Teachers Alie Vidich and Clyde Evans, Jr. for their trek to bring dance to the students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Promise Academy.

Published on August 30, 2012 - 9:07am