JOHN SCOTT Choreographer from Dublin Dances for Inside and Outside

Renowned Irish Choreographer, John Scott will be featured in the first 2021 Informance
on Sunday, March 14 , at 4PM. Scott – who presented his work in PDP’s DANCE UP CLOSE
2014 noted by Philadelphia Inquirer reviewer as a “tour-de-fierce performance” for its gripping use of combative, emotional, awkward and tender language and movement – will screen
Dances for Inside and Outside that premiered in Dublin in the Fall of 2020.

Scott says, “Dances for Inside and Outside is a cycle of works, large and small, created for our times, since the beginning of the Pandemic. It is a coming together of eight vastly different and individual dancers in a large space, searching for safe space and trying to be together. They are celebrating life and searching for joy, despite the limitations of our current reality. Dances for Inside and Outside was made with a consciousness of the situation of social distancing and the limits of bodies being together in an interior space. The work is embodying what we have all been going through and what our reality is now. There is a vital physicality and necessity in how the dancers interact together, mixing joy and fear and trying to be safe. The work continues, we will not be stopped by a Pandemic. This is our response to the current situation.”
Trailer for Dances Inside and Outside: