Sunday, October 26, 2014 – 1:00pm

How do students all ages of dance articulate dance itself; think about and express what they are doing and seeing? 

It is widely acknowledged that critical thinking is an important 21st century skill. Dancers know that it is very much at the heart of dance but it is often hidden. Join in for an opportunity to bring it out into the open.

A.T. Moffett will teach a modern dance class highlighting the ways that critical thinking intersects with dance learning through strategies including partnering, alteration and tracking.

A.T. Moffett is an artist and educator based in Wilmington, DE. Recently she has been focusing her creative energy on raising twin babies as well as writing and serving as a reviewer for the Journal of Dance Education. As a performer A.T. danced with Myra Bazell, Tania Isaac, Stephan Koplowitz, Donald McKayle, Mary Anthony, and the Sokolow Dance Foundation. Critical thinking in dance was the subject of her graduate research at the Uni-versity of Oregon. She teaches at the University of Delaware. www.atmoffettdance.comLocation: The Performance Garage1515 Brandywine StreetPhiladelphia, PASee map: Google Maps

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