Saturday, July 18, 2015 – 7:30pm

niv Acosta
PDP Presents Dance Up Close Summer 2015
Informance / niv Acosta

Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 7:30PM 
at SEI Innovation Studio, Kimmel Center 

Broad & Spruce Sts, Phila PA
Tickets $10
This PDP Informance is an inside look at the rehearsal process with an opportunity for the audience to participate in the making of the work, followed by a conversation with the artist moderated by local choreographer Gregory Holt. 

In his new serial performance work DISCOTROPIC: Ep. 1 train dance, New York based dance/performance artist niv Acosta explores the relationship between science fiction, disco, astrophysics, and the black American experience. DISCOTROPIC is inspired by the role of black women in sci-fi history and film. Acosta’s DISCOTROPIC reconsiders past futures, like those in Star Wars, while claiming a fantastical site of possibility through a cast whose imaginative engagement with science fiction rewrites its dominant narratives. Several artist will perform with Acosta who share his interests in queer politics and Afrofuturism.
“Researching intersections of race and performance is a unifying thread throughout my body of work. In DISCOTROPIC we envision our own fantastical world via dance that seeks to fashion a space for people of a marginalized experience,” explained Acosta. “This project, like other projects I have directed, attempts to create a platform accessible to audiences of diverse paths of life. My work has historically been autobiographical, centered around my experiences as a transexual queer person of color. By interrogating my daily life, I have found the questions and challenges I face to be, in essence, universal and therefore largely accessible. More specifically, I hope this project will make visible the experiences of a subversive community of queer, transgender, and people-of-color creators.” Niv Acosta
niv Acosta

DISCOTROPIC is a special PDP presentation in partnership with the William Way Center and their current exhibition “Speak Out For Equality” at the National Constitution Center, June 5, 2015 through January 3, 2016. 
General Admission $10
Tickets at

Location: at SEI Innovation Studio, Kimmel CenterBroad and Spruce StreetsPhiladelphia, PA

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