Hi! My name is Amalia and I’m a Philadelphia based artist hosting a show-and-talk of sorts with the help of PDP Presents.  A few years ago I started on a project with the help of Tobias Sköld to create dance films zeroing in on different parts of the body. Taking advantage of the vantage points available with a camera and giving very specific body parts a chance at center stage. 

The two films are vastly different in style and reflect a shift in artistic growth, intent and interest over time.  However, there is the through-line of playing with one or two body parts as the protagonist and star of the show, and letting that guide the direction of the film. Thus giving life and character to the organism that is the cells, muscles, bones, skin, and fluids of that particular body part or two.  We will watch the films together and I will guide us through a discussion that covers some of the behind the scenes of producing, editing, choreographing, and designing the sound scores for these films and open a discussion for analysis, questions and critique of the work.

Amalia Colón-Nava, is an artist, choreographer, videographer, dancer and recently farmer based in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BFA in Dance from The University of The Arts in May 2017. As a freelance artist she has a variety of experience ranging from participating in long-term projects with Lily Kind and Curt Haworth to collaborations with photographers and musicians such as John Singletary, Tim Motzer, and Saleka Night.  She enjoys bringing dance to her communities, which she has done with Fringe Arts Community Dance Projects (Le Super Grand Continental) and Pop-Up Playgrounds and Performance (a project she devised and directed with the support of Perphorm).  She enjoys traveling and has worked and studied in various parts of the U.S. and internationally in France, Denmark, Canada, and Belgium. 

Join us for an Informance conversation with Amalia Colon-Nava who will screen two dance films “Pith” and  “Unbound.”