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“Taking my work to an outside city proved to be one of the most informative and altering experiences of my career.”
– Allie Hankins, SCUBA 2012 Artist

CALL FOR ARTISTS:   SCUBA: National Touring Network for Dance 2013
This year’s SCUBA consortium is re-vamping the program.
SCUBA 2013 will only tour between Philadelphia and Seattle.

Due Date:The application deadline for SCUBA 2013 is September 4, 2012
Return to:Philadelphia Dance Projects, 1427 Spruce Street  1F Phila PA 19102
SCUBA 2013 touring artists announced: Late September 2012

 This year, 2013 Philadelphia SCUBA Artists will tour to Seattle only and be fully produced in a shared concert by Velocity Founders Theater in late April or early May 2013.  In Philadelphia, SCUBA artists will share a concert as part of Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents at Conwell Dance Theater March 22 & 23, 2013.  SCUBA artists receive a fee of $1,500 from each presenter.  PDP will also provide some additional travel assist.

Purpose of project: Diving into touring…the SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance, has successfully achieved its goal of touring regionally established, nationally emerging artists to and from the participating cities – Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. SCUBA was founded in 2003 by Velocity Dance Center, Seattle in conjunction with ODC Theater, San Francisco.  The Southern Theater joined in 2004 and was partner until 2010, when it closed operations and the then program curator Laurie Van Wieren kept SCUBA in Minneapolis working as an independent curator in partnership with various other venues.

 SCUBA strives to present artists/tours through co-operative presenting and grassroots mobilization while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism.  SCUBA addresses the need for artists to experience a diverse range of venues (from studio black box to small to mid-sized dance houses) and to connect with an array of professional presenters and creative peers.

Required Artists Attributes:
Choreographers/choreographic collaborations whom have produced/presented choreography locally for several years, but have not yet moved into regular national touring.  Previous SCUBA recipients
may not apply within a four-year period.

Project Description: SCUBA Touring Network is geared towards the early to mid-career artists who are looking to begin their national touring experience and have developed dance work ready for a small-scale tour. The artists chosen from the roster of dance artists will split an evening performance.  Choreographers and companies will also be asked to participate in outreach activities surrounding their performances, such as post-show discussion or possible teaching opportunities, as well as take part in informal activities.

Artists selected to tour will receive the following:
Presentation fees: Artists will receive an all-inclusive fee, of $1,500 per venue.  All travel and per diem costs for touring will be paid by the artists with that fee.  The presenter will provide housing accommodation.

Marketing /PR: The co-presenters will provide Marketing/PR for the artists. The performances will be marketed and promoted to the press, as well as in the co-presenters own publicity materials. You will be asked to provide materials for this publicity as well as for a printed program.

Technical Support: Tech production support will be provided for the performances. A reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate any special needs, subject to time and budget constraints and consistent with the evening’s shared program format.

Please be aware that SCUBA is a low budget initiative and a shared evening format with limited tech support for the performances. You are encouraged to apply with material that is easily adapted to a new theater space, with minimal tech requirements, and suitable for a shared evening.

Application Due Date: Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 4, 2012

RECEIVED in Office by 5:00pm
 PDP, 1427 Spruce Street 1F   Phila PA  19102

Please contact Terry Fox, PDP Director ( or call 215.546.2552 with any questions regarding this application.

 Applicants please submit the following materials for consideration:

 1.Written materials: The written portion of the SCUBA application must be typed.
Please Submit Two Copies

1)Include a cover page with title SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance 2013 that also lists: choreographer(s) name, contact name (if different), address, phone numbers and e-mail address.

2)Please describe your aesthetic approach and the suitability of your work for this program. How would participating in SCUBA at this time be important or valuable to your development as an artist? (1 page maximum)

 3)Please provide a description of the work you intend to tour, its past performance history and any modifications you would make if asked to tour the work to new venues. Discuss any technical issues the presenters should be aware of. Also include brief descriptions of any additional work shown on the videotape, as well as your role in the work. (2 page maximum)

 4)   Work Sample Information Sheet (2 page maximum) – see below

 2. Resume: Please submit an artist resume or vitae.

 3.Press Material: Demonstrate your ability to tour and interface with media and presenting organizations in other cities. If you have a web-based press kit, please provide a link. 

 4. Work Sample: Demonstrate your readiness to tour. 
Please submit your strongest work samples, preferably created within the past few years. Include the work you intend to tour, or work that most closely represents the flavor of the work you intend to tour.  Indicate clearly which piece is your first choice to tour for SCUBA, and include this piece in its entirety. You are also encouraged to include up to two other works for consideration, knowing that if selected by any of the co-presenters, they may wish to consider these other works or contact you for more information. Please submit all samples on one DVD. Any DVD submitted must be chaptered with individual pieces on separate chapters.

 Please also submit a Work Sample Information Sheet clearly indicating the entire contents of the DVD, and for each individual piece:
– Running time

– When and where the piece on the sample was performed

– When the piece premiered (if different from above)

– Your role(s) in the work: sole choreographer, co-choreographer, performer, etc.

– Any other information you believe the panel will find useful in viewing your work.

 Please also clearly label the DVD (both case and media) with your name and the title(s) of 
the pieces.

 Application Due Date: SEPTEMBER 4, 2012

RECEIVED in Office by 5:00pm
  PDP, 1427 Spruce Street 1F   Phila PA  19102

Please contact Terry Fox, PDP Director (infophiladanceprojects [dot] org)

 or call 215.546.2552 with any questions regarding this application.


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