October 16, 2020

Dancers Keep Moving: Tommie Waheed-Evans’ Informance for PDP 

Gina Palumbo for The Dance Journal 

Tommie Waheed-Evans is a renowned choreographer, former Philadanco dancer, Princess Grace Honoraria Award Recipient, and University of the Arts professor, to name a few accolades from a highly successful lifetime with dance. On October 14th, The Philadelphia Dance Projects, hosted by director, Terry Fox, invited Waheed-Evans to speak for their Informance series. He said his upbringing in the church prepared him for speaking, but not necessarily for doing so in this virtual format. I had my notebook ready to fill as a writer, but he asked the participants to have one too, so they could write down any memorable words or questions that may arise within the discussion. The word identity spoke to me softly, but this question throbbed: Who Am I? As I continuously define my place in this world, this question is always lingering on the tip of my tongue. 

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