Sunday, March 12, 2017 – 1:00pm 

Dance teaching in community and school settings often means that we work with groups of students with widely different skill levels and learning needs, and we have to create performance pieces that include all of them.

Join Sara Narva who has developed a successful model in her work with middle and high school students of varying levels. She will demonstrate how she sources ideas from the students, uses innovative ways to generate and shape movement ideas, and ends up with successful and inclusive performances. She draws from the work of choreographer Liz Lerman and the Dance Exchange Toolbox and adds her own pedagogy and skills.

Sara Narva has been teaching at The Crefeld School for 11 years as a dance and theater teacher, and sex educator. Steeped in the pedagogy of progressive education, Sara invites her students to bring their physical, emotional, personal and intellectual selves into the learning space. They create amazing pieces about themselves and their views on the world, including about racism, sexism, what it’s like to be teenagers, and their relationships to their bodies.Location: The Performance Garage1515 Brandywine StreetPhiladelphia 19130Phone: 2155462552See map: Google Maps

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