Deadline: June 10, 2013 – 5:00pm

Diving into touring…the SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance,

has successfully achieved its goal of touring regionally established, nationally emerging artists to and from the participating cities – Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. SCUBA strives to present these artists/tours through co-operative presenting and grassroots mobilization. It addresses the need for artists to experience a diverse range of venues (from studio black box to small to mid-sized dance houses) and to connect with an array of professional presenters and creative peers.

SCUBA is now approaching its 10th Anniversary year. It has served dozens of artists and thousands of audience members in four cities. SCUBA has cultivated artists/groups from “local” to national recognition of high artistic merit. It has it played a supportive part in the national dance eco-system, by not only assisting artists to be “tour-ready,” but to provide an exciting context for audiences to see the breadth of choreographic investigation underway around the country in relation to their own region.


All artists will receive an award of $4,500 to tour all four partner presenters, Velocity Dance Center (Seattle), ODC Theater (San Francisco), Philadelphia Dance Projects (Philadelphia) and the Ritz Theater (Minneapolis). The SCUBA residency will vary in each city but will include performances on a shared program with all SCUBA artists.

Required Artists Attributes:

1. Choreographers/choreographic collaborations who have produced/presented choreography locally for several years, but have not yet moved into regular national touring.

2. Previous SCUBA recipients may not apply within a four-year period.

3. An applicant must have produced choreography while living in Philadelphia.

Artists selected to tour will receive the following:

1. Artists will receive $4,500 towards a tour to all 4 cities.*

2. Marketing /PR: The co-presenters will provide Marketing/PR for the artists. The performances will be marketed and promoted to the press, as well as in the co-presenters own publicity materials. You will be asked to provide materials for this publicity as well as for a printed program.

3. Technical Support: Tech production support will be provided for the performances, including overall technical direction, and light and sound operators. Technical equipment as owned by the co-presenters will be provided. A reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate any special needs, subject to time and budget constraints and consistent with the evening’s format; however artists may be asked to bear some or all of the cost of unusual production elements they request.

Please be aware that SCUBA is a low budget initiative and a shared evening format with limited tech support for the performances. You are encouraged to apply with material that is easily adapted to a new theater space, with minimal tech requirements, and suitable for a shared evening.

*Each city designs its SCUBA program differently. Some will provide housing, others won’t.

There is no per diem. So artists should consider seriously the resources at hand for making this project work successfully for them. Despite this limited support, all the artists have enjoyed participating and gleaned much from SCUBA. Putting their work before different audiences, meeting artists from other cities and observing their creating and presenting “infrastructure” has been of great value.

Philly SCUBA Artists:

2006 Leah Stein Dance Co.
2007 Tania Isaac
2008 Kate Watson Wallace/Anoynymous Bodies
2009 Charles O. Anderson/DanceTheatreX
2010 Megan Mazarick
2011 Jumatatu Poe/Idiosyncrazy Productions
2012 Gabrielle Revlock
2013 Green Chair Dance Group

Selection Process and Criteria:

1. Between 3 and 6 choreographers/choreographic collaborations will be selected by the PDP Director, Nannette Joyce, Conwell Dance Theater and a previous year’s SCUBA’s artists to be considered by other the SCUBA partner venues.

2. The above “panel” will review applications and videotapes to select the SCUBA roster of Philly artists.

3. The panel will make decisions based on the quality and innovation of the artist’s work and suitability to the SCUBA program, based on the work sample and as described in the application.

4. The panel shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, sexual preference or national origin. The panel is open to all aesthetics presented, with a particular interest in contemporary and innovative approaches to any given form or style.

5. The roster of Philly artists will then be offered to the selection committees in Minneapolis, San Francisco and Seattle, who will make the final decisions about artists to participate in SCUBA 2014 by July 1, 2013.

Applicants please submit the following materials for consideration:

1. Written materials: The written portion of the SCUBA application must be typed. Submit four (4) collated copies (original plus 3 copies). Do not staple copies.

2. Resume: Please submit an artist resume or vitae.

3. Press Kit: Demonstrate your ability to tour and interface with media and presenting organizations in other cities.

If you have a web-based press kit, please provide a link.

4. Work Sample: Demonstrate your readiness to tour. 
Please submit your strongest work samples, preferably created within the past few years. Include the work you intend to tour, or work that most closely represents the flavor of the work you intend to tour. Indicate clearly which piece is your first choice to tour for SCUBA, and include this piece in its entirety. You are also encouraged to include up to two other works for consideration, knowing that if selected by any of the co-presenters, they may wish to consider these other works or contact you for more information. Please submit all samples on one DVD. Any DVD submitted must be chaptered with individual pieces on separate chapters.

Please also submit a Work Sample Information Sheet clearly indicating the entire

contents of the DVD, and for each individual piece:

– Running time

– When and where the piece on the sample was performed

– When the piece premiered (if different from above)

– Your role(s) in the work: sole choreographer, co-choreographer, performer, etc.

– Any other information you believe the panel will find useful in viewing your work.

Please also clearly label the DVD (both case and media) with your name and the title(s) of the pieces.

If you are chosen for consideration in SCUBA, you will be asked by July 1, 2013 to produce three additional copies of your work samples and work sample information for PDP to send to its SCUBA partners.

Application Due Date: Monday June 10, 2013

Received by 5:00 pm @ Philadelphia Dance Projects

1427 Spruce Street Suite 1F
Phila PA 19102

SCUBA 2014 touring artists announced July 1, 2013

Please contact Terry Fox, PDP Director ( 215.546.2552 or with any questions regarding these application guidelines.

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