What the Critics had to say:

The Philadelphia Inquirer dance critics had many reflective, revealing and overwhelmingly positive words to share about PDP Presents 2010. They’ve called the Local Dance History Project and Next Up programs “quite a tour de force,” “sculptural,” and “Very catchy … Very cheeky … Very zippy … Very ironic …Very calming.”

John Luna and Scott McPheeters in a duet by Dan Martin and Michael

Red Thread was hailed as “rich and complex … with moments of great tenderness and laugh-out-loud humor” with “exquisitely subtle, focused movement,” said the Inquirer, which also declared SCUBA National Touring Network for Dance “a fascinating look at developing talent, from Philadelphia and other cities.”

Philadelphia City Paper’s Bruce Schimmel wrote, “Now that the economic bubble has burst and corporate culture discredited, America may be ready once again to be moved by its artists. Especially by live, intimate performances like these [Biello/Martin/Houston-Jones], where artists take chances for audiences ready to catch them. If we could only get those most in need through the door.”

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What our Audience had to say:

William Robinson in Ishmael Houston-Jones' Dead

Intriguing ~ Very delightful ~ Totally engaging ~ Great show. Wow! ~ Very happy I came ~ Oh so sweet ~ Wonderful ~ Quite an artistic concert ~ Amazing ~ Exquisite performances ~ Very sensitive ~ Excellent ~ Wish I could see more work like this, more frequently

Photos: Jano Cohen’s Snow Falling on the Waves (top); John Luna and Scott McPheeters in a duet by Dan Martin and Michael Biello (middle); William Robinson in Ishmael Houston-Jones’ Dead (bottom); photos by Brian MenginiPublished on March 29, 2010 – 12:47pm

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