Sunday, October 30, 2016 – 1:00pm

Join in for dance games that develop community and communication skills, and encourage all players to have a blast. Adaptable to multiple settings and ages, from school and studios to open events, from children to adults. We’ll be passing pulses, blowing kisses, tiptoeing and moving rhythmically through the space. Forget about technique for a bit, put on your thinking caps and turn off your serious self. This is a collection of games learned and borrowed from a variety of theater, dance and music artists, designed to put participants in touch with their bodies, help them focus, connect, and collaborate, while allowing every individual’s voice to be heard. Not serious, not critical, not competitive, these games encourage a sense of playful humanism, evoking new ways of thinking and moving, problem-solving and multitasking. The dance playing field is leveled, and the value of play and laughter enlivens the body in completely unexpected ways.

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