Sunday, May 6, 2012 – 12:00pm

Pioneering movement analyst Irmgard Bartenieff developed a system in the 1950’s and 60’s now called Bartenieff Fundamentals, which has important implications for dance teaching. The interrelated principles can be used in technique, creative dance, and composition. This session will focus on the Fundamentals of Initiation and Sequencing as a framework for developing classes and give participants the opportunity to explore the principles, analyze movement, and compose phrases.


Mary LaBianca

Mary LaBianca is Director of Dance Education at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts at the Univer-sity of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In addition to teaching dance at the university, she provides mentorship to pre-k through 12th grade educators with arts integration as a professional development model. Mary has an MFA in choreography and performance from Mills College and a Bartenieff Fundamentals certificate from LIMS. She is a former member of the Philadelphia dance community and is excited to be able to return through Dance TAG.Location: The Performance Garage1515 Brandywine St.Philadelphia, PA 19130See map: Google Maps

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